About Us

We decided to launch SDMO Gear in an effort to get fresh designs in the marketplace, to introduce some less than common items for responders and their families, and to raise awareness to this important cause. There are so many responders killed in the line of service on the roadway that it only makes sense to try to help.

We first got involved in how we could make the Slow Down Move Over arrow more prevalent in the gloveboxes of all cars and trucks on the road. These simple arrows, with their dual mounting method and multi-directional capability, are practical and can make a serious impact in roadside safety. As our law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS professionals, and towing operators work on our roadways they are exposed to the hazard of their fellow man behind the wheel being distracted, drugged, drunk, or drowsy. Worse yet, there are many who are just plain dumb and put themselves and others into harm’s way by operating vehicles in an irresponsible manner. Our law enforcement community loses an average of twelve officers annually on the roadside. Firefighters are only slightly less, averaging seven losses on the roadways each year. On an annual basis, towing operators lose sixty of their own in the line of service. The dangers for these pros as well as those in construction, flagging and roadside mechanics are significant. The motoring public has been lulled to sleep by daydreams of self-driving cars and addiction to social media and other distractions while driving. Left in their wake are these men and women whose very jobs are to assist the public along with a large number of private citizens who lose their lives in the same manner when they enter the danger zone near our nation’s roadways. The Slow Down Move Over Arrow can save many of these lives. It is not the final solution but it does tell motorists what to do rather than just making them aware of the need for caution.

To complement this offering, new emblems, logos, and message designs were created. As these began to come together, the idea of a full store with the arrows and many other products, both the standard print-on-demand fare and some offerings of curated products began to take shape. The product selection began and a website was put into the works.

At the same time, we wanted to support those who support the fallen in the various disciplines / careers. Our goal is to have our shoppers choose from these organizations during their purchasing process.  We have added a list of organizations we support on the checkout page. That selection will be tracked with each order and a portion of top-line revenue will be donated by SDMO Gear to the specified organization on a regular basis.

There have been a few dance steps along the way but we feel what we have brought forth will be a force for good. We look forward to serving the SDMO needs of our community across the country and around the globe. From birthdays to Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Hanukah, and every day, we hope to be able to provide that special item that brings a smile and shares the message.

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